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cloud computing for small business



SmallCloud Designed for Small Business

The world is moving to cloud computing, SmallCloud is here to help small business owners. Along with the web, emails, and other typical components, two our highlighted specialties are: (1) Drupal- or WordPress-based designs to maximize CMS flexibility and (2) Location-based SEO to boost local business for small business owners......

Web Sites

Responsive and mobile-first design is the philosophy behind our web designs, offering our clients the best web sites for both PCs and phones. We employ advanced Drupal technology to present maximum Content Management System (CMS) and Social Media integrations to small business owners......

SEO Support

Specialized in small business, we offer SEO to your business, especially the latest geo-location based SEO with optimizations towards the growing mobile searches, for you to capture more local business. Social Media Syndication and Content Creations are integrate parts of our SEO strategies.......

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Business Email Accounts

Offers and recommends the most efficient and cost effective company email solutions to small business owners, with full considerations of their business' overall IT requirements. It suggests we may combine solutions from various vendors, rather than easy bundles from a single vendor. We'd like our solutions with the best benefits to our clients.....

Cloud-Based Office Suite Software

Relatively easy decision, we recommend Microsoft just as most small business owners have been doing for years, the key word here is the cloud. based on individual situations, we may integrate non-Microsoft technologies to provide maximum value to small business owners......

eCommerce and Much More

eCommerce online shopping solutions, cloud-based CRM, database solutions, HR solutions, etc., these cloud computing solutions now are available and affordable to small businesses. SmallCloud are designed to support small business to have these cloud technologies to grow your business.....



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Pricing Table

SmallCloud solutions are designed for small businesses. To meet different clients' needs, we typically our package our solutions into three tiers, we call them: JumpStart, EasyGlider, and SonicCruiser.  We believe these three packages can support the needs of most typical small businesses, in different sizes and/or at different stages of cloud migrations.  However, no single company will be the same, we all have some special needs to be customized.  That's why we also have a package we call PrivateJet, which you can think it is your private jet for your business in the IT clouds.  It is our way to offer you customized services to your company's special needs.  In this package, any item can be tailored to meet your needs.  The business model in this package is pay-as-you-go model, you only pay what you need.  Feel free to discuss your requirements.


  • JumpStarter

    $5.99 / Month
    • Starting Price
    • for mom & pop shops
    • Cost effective cloud solutions
    • ------

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  • EasyGlider

    $14.99 / Month
    • Starting Price
    • small business
    • straight-forward cloud solutions
    • -----

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  • SonicCruiser

    $19.99 / Month
    • Starting Price
    • features and performance
    • bells and whistles
    • ------

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  • PrivateJet

    TBD / Month
    • Pay-as-you-go model
    • custimized cloud solutions
    • individually tailored
    • ------

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