foooodtogo Services (logo 2)

foooodtogo is a online ordering system for restaurant takeout and delivery.

foooodtogo Services

foooodtogo is an online ordering service for restaurant takeout and delivery.



Rayburn Technologies

Rayburn Technologies is a company focusing on supporting small businesses in transitions to adopt the latest Cloud Computing and Internet-of-Things (Iot) technologies.
Currently we have three main product and service lines:

Rayburn Technologies just like a Bike

Sorry, we don't build bikes.  So far we don't have any projects related to bikes either.  Don't want to be misleading, but putting a bike photo here just like to domestrate that we at Rayburn love bikes.  It is becasue we see ourselves somewhat just like bikes: We are small, we are quick, we are nimble and flexible.  We help our customers quickly reaching their destinations, that's the way we handle our businesses.  So we have a bike picture here.
If you really want, we can be involved in bikes, probably doing something with our IoT department?

foooodtogo Services (logo 3)

foooodtogo is an online ordering platform for restaurant takeout and delivery.


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