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online ordering for restaurant takeout and delivery


  •  5% Service Fee: Simple Pricing, Low Rate

  •  Risk Free: No Long-term Contracts

  •  Free Web Site: If Needed We Build Restaurant Web Site for Free

  •  Grow Revenue: Meet Consumer Needs and Expand Customer Base

  •  Help Peak Hour Managements, Allowing Restaurant Consumer Pre-Orders

  •  Great Convenience: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device (Phone or PC)

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foooodtogo is an online ordering platform for restaurant takeout and delivery. We are proud to set it up to assist restaurants adding eCommerce services to their businesses, and more importantly, we like to have foooodtogo become an easy and convenient tool for restaurant to-go-order customers.


Every Restaurant Need Online Ordering

It is internet age, indeed yes it is completely true that all restaurants need online ordering nowadays. Uber probably revolutionizes the taxi-industry and beyond, but as a matter of fact such business model (some call it Uberification) actually started in restaurant to-go orders.  Now with Uber becoming a household name, your restaurant customers are demanding the same thing, not only from younger restaurant patrons as they seem do everything online with their smart phones.  It is becoming a necessity, not just optional anymore. Your restaurant needs to support online ordering, by today.  foooodtogo can help you to make it happen.




It Is Easy to Add fooodtogo Services

For restaurant owners, we make it extremely easy for you to add foooodtogo services. Setting up your restaurant on the can be done without disruptions to your existing restaurant business operations. For example, you can add an online-ordering button or dedicated online pages to your restaurant web site, we can help to do it for you, or you don’t have to do it at all. It is purely your choice. We can load your restaurant menu to our foooodtogo platform so you don’t need to do anything with your web sites. If your restaurant doesn’t have a web page yet, no problem either. We can add a web site for your restaurant for you, and host your web site, all free of charge.

Handling customer payments is also very easy. Our platform supports credit card and PayPal payments, so you don’t need to do anything online either. Of course, our system supports the conventional cash payment. Once again, we’d like to have minimum interruptions to your existing business operations. You can run restaurants as usual; we are here to help to add online ordering services. Even your restaurant already has other online ordering services, you can still add as an additional channel for add your exposures to reach and attract more customers; it doesn’t have extra costs to you at all.


Risk Free with fooodtogo Services

With, the price is free if no customers ordering online. We don’t charge monthly service fees. You only pay us, at a very low rate, whenever there are customers using to place orders online. No customer orders, no payment to us. We don’t ask you to sign long-term contracts either; you can start or stop our services anytime you want. It is purely a pay-as-you-go business model, and is fully risk-free to restaurant owners.



Grow Business with foooodtogo Services

As stated earlier, today's customers expect restaurant support online ordering. You will increase restaurant sales with foooodtogo services, by offering conveniences to restaurant customers. In contrast, without online ordering restaurant may lose revenue to competitions even they don't realize. By using, customers will be able to place orders anytime, they don't need to wait until restaurant is open. It can be done by Pre-Order, one of many convenient features for customers. This feature probably is most useful during workday lunch or weekend dinner peak hours. With foooodtogo, smart customers can order in advance to avoid long lines at the restaurants. Customers can place their orders anywhere, anytime, and using any devices, computers or phones, or tablets like a iPad. They can use web browsers, or they can use the dedicated foooodtogo mobile apps. All of these features are convenient to customers, and will help to create more businesses to restaurants.

In a similar fashion, restaurant owners or managers can access the system to manage customer online orders, anywhere, anytime, and with any devices.  There is no need to have computers, or any other special equipment, in your restaurants. With your smart phone, you can operate online orders smoothly.

No Web Page? No Problem!

The foooodtogo platform can offer online ordering services to those restaurant without a web site. Your menu will be on our system, and orders can be completely handled by If restaurant needs, we can add a web site for your restaurant for you. We will design, build, and host your web site for free, as long as your restaurant uses services. But is is not mandatory, you can continue your business without a web site, although it is definitely not our recommendation. We believe today's restaurants, all restaurants, need to have their own web sites, and need to support online ordering services to customers. So please let us know if you need to setup your web site. foooodtogo can help you, and the beauty is it doesn't cost you a penny.



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Pricing Table

The foooodtogo pricing is simple and straightforward, a low rate at 5%. If no customers ordering online, you pay nothing. There is no long-term contracts, no monthly service fees, a pure pay-as-you-go business model, thus fully risk-free to restaurant owners.

  • Low Flat Rate

    5% fee 
    • No setup fee
    • No monthly fee
    • No long-term contract
    • No hidden charges to customers
  • Web Site Online Ordering

    $0 / Monthly
    • Add online ordering to existing restaurant site
    • Or setup a new web site for you
    • Free to build/host your new web site
    • Free add restaurant emails, if needed
  • Flexible Payment Methods

    $0 / Monthly
    • Consumers can pay by credit cards
    • Consumers can pay by PayPal
    • Consumers can pay cash
    • Flexible restaurant payment methods
  • Mobile Ready

    $0 / Monthly
    • Free mobile apps, iOS and Android
    • Mobile web apps or mobile apps
    • For both customers and restaurants
    • Order anytime and anywhere








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