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embedded systems for industrial IoT solutions



Emtronix: ARM Embedded Systems

Emtronix embedded product lines cover Cortex-A8 and ARM9 based embedded boards mainly designed for industrial applications. The ARM processors come from Texas Instruments and others. The Emtronix hardware boards fully support TI official embedded software SDK releases. Emtronix's own software solutions are running on Linux or WindowsCE operating systems. Customers have options use Emtronix provided software, or develop their their own software based on TI SDK.


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EM3352 Embedded Processing Board
Low-cost Cortex-A8 industrial embedded processing board,running at 600MHz.  Linux-3.12 pre-installed (ask us for WEC2013 / WEC7 versions).
Price: $350.
EM335x Embedded Processing Board
New generation high performance embedded board, with AM3354 ARM Cortex-A8 processing running at 1GHz with on board memory 256MB.   Linux-3.12 pre-installed (ask us for WEC2013 / WEC7 versions).  The board supports various connectivity ports, meeting the needs of most industrial applications.
Price: $480
Contact us for information of these two boards, or other Emtronix products. The best way to contact us is through email:, and please include your requirements, along with your company and contact info, we will contact you once we receive your email.


To Buy Emtronix ARM Embedded Industrial Boards

We are the exclusive distributor of Emtronix ARM embedded solutions in the North America. Emtronix offers ARM processor based embedded industrial control boards. North American customers can purchase Emtronix solutions from us, we accept company checks, Credit Cards, PayPal payment methods. If customers prefer, we can also setup online payments (Credit Cards, PayPal). Contact us on how to purchase the listed Emtronix boards or other Emtronix products. Our email is:,




Click here to purchase Emtronix Boards:  Buy Emtronix Boards





IoT: Internet of Things

Just like cloud computing is inevitable, in the hardware space IoT is becoming mandatory even for small business. With long standing in the embedded field, Rayburn Technologies IoT specialty is to bring the embedded world into today's inter-connected Internet of Things. Technically, in addition to typical machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of things (IoT) systems, we expertise those IoT systems with smart machines. In other words, each node in the system is an intelligent one with analytical or smart capabilities by the local embedded processors, rather than a simple sensor only.

One typical example is a door camera.  Without local embedded processing capability, the camera has to send the raw video/image data to the back-end server, which may not be easily feasible especially when data are transmitted wirelessly, bluetooth or wi-fi. With embedded processing locally, a camera may only transmit data whenever needed, or only transmit important or processed (including compressed or encoded) data, to greatly reduce the pressure on the wireless communications bandwidth.
Rayburn Technologies is your IoT partner emphasizing on the smart machines powered by embedded processing. We offer complete end-to-end IoT systems solutions, including front-end software, mobile apps program development, as well as backend servers. If you need, we can also offer mobile apps associated with the complete IoT system.

IoT and Cloud Computing

IoT or Internet of Things has close ties to cloud computing in many ways. Without the backend hub, the IoT is almost meaningless. With expertise in both embedded IoT HW/SW and cloud computing, Rayburn Technologies has a unique advantage to provide complete end-to-end solutions to our customers. We can support customers to implement data acquisitions, data analysis, and data security at both sides of the IoT infrastructure. Focusing on supporting small business customers, we pay extra attentions to cost of our solutions. We take advantages of open-source royalty-free designs as much as possible.



IoT Operation Services

Upgrading to IoT requires companies constantly maintaining and processing the data from various sensors in the network. To small business, it can be extra operation burden if they are not yet equipped with right personnel and/or computing infrastructure. With the right expertise and resources in this area, we can provide services to help business owners to fill the gap, and help small business in their cloud/IoT migrations.



IoT Engineering Development Service

In addition to the above, we can support small business in many areas regarding embedded and IoT applications. We provide consulting, engineering design, prototyping, and working with our partners we can offer small-quantity manufacture services to our customers.

We work with clients on embedded systems on all phases, can start work even before customer projects start. Brainstorming together with clients, we can create concepts and specifications, and help customers build embedded system architecture, conduct feasibility studies and have project risk assessments.  Upon customers' requests, we can quickly develop proof-of-concept designs to save customers' cost and time.
Our design services include both embedded system hardware and software, or embedded processor firmware.  Hardware services include electronic PC board schematic capture and PCB layout, firmware services support embedded systems firmware in C or in assembly.  Linux is our main choice, let us know if other RTOS is needed. Our services also include embedded DSP algorithm development and implementations, particularly with Texas Instruments C5x/C6x family DSP devices, including TI Davinci family video processors.
We support customers in prototyping and debugging, bringing-up customer embedded systems.
If our clients need, we can assist customers in small quantity PCB productions. We offer such supports through our partners in Asia. We can be the liaison between our clients and board manufacturers, and can act as project managers on behalf of our clients.
With the growth of IoT adoptions, we now also offer customers services in mobile apps software development, both in iOS and in Android. We support customers' needs in backend servers.




Feel free to contact us for your embedded & IoT needs:  Embedded & IoT